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Home Recreational Room Ideas 2022

Home Recreational Room Ideas 2022 So many families have empty space in their home to use as a recreational room. Those who have the space for entertainment may not know how to implement their space with activities that are both fun and functional. When planning to create a recreational space, you need to consider aspects such as the design, style, layout, and games that will be played in your room. 

An entertainment room is a relaxing and fun space for the entire family. It is important to make sure that all ideas for your recreational room are activities the whole family can enjoy. The following examples can be used to inspire the design of your recreational room. Be sure to find all recreational games at Watson’s. Home Recreational Room Ideas 2022

Rec Room Basics. Home Recreational Room Ideas 2022

For those who have never planned out a rec room before, there are a few things to consider. Before the beginning decoration process, make sure you understand where the recreational room is going and what purposes the room will serve. Consider factors such as:

  • The Location – Many homeowners plan their recreational room ideas in their basement, which can add a bit of privacy to the room. Consider making the room feel separate from the rest of the home. Garages and empty bedrooms can also be common locations for recreational rooms. 
  • The Ultimate Purpose – Do you plan to transform your rec room into a game room where your family and friends can play together? Do you plan to turn your extra space into a gym? Maybe you just want a quiet place to escape from work. How you plan on using the room can determine what kind of furniture and decor to put in it. 
  • The Budget – Consider your budget when building a rec room. There is a lot of flexibility in costs when it comes to decorating your room and filling it with various game tables. Keep in mind that although it is nice to have a budget, the rec room should still meet the design and utility needs you originally wanted. Make it a space that gives you what you need.  Home Recreational Room Ideas 2022

Rec Room Activities, Home Recreational Room Ideas 2022

You can’t have an empty rec room. The most important part of your rec room should be the activities and fun to be had. There are three primary rec room categories to consider when decorating your room – games, rec tables, and furniture. Below are a couple best selling rec room entertainment pieces from Watson’s that will step up your rec room design.  Home Recreational Room Ideas 2022 Home Recreational Room Ideas 2022

Rec Games


Arcade Games

Bring the fun to your rec room with an arcade console or virtual pinball machine. Take your space back to the 80’s to revisit the most favorite classics like Pac-Mac, Space Invaders, and more. 


Even a high quality dart board is perfect for a budget entertainment room. Bring the fun with a classic game to play with friends and family. 


Play one-on-one with your friends in foosball. Our tables at Watson’s are built with high-quality materials that are durable for many years of use. 


Pool and Billiards

The pool table is a classic staple to any entertainment room. Play with your friends and test each other’s skills with one of the most played entertainment games. 



Shuffleboard is a perfect way to have hours of fun without too much intensity. This 2-4 player game comes in different lengths to fit your entertainment needs. Home Recreational Room Ideas 2022

Air Hockey

An air hockey table is a perfect introduction to a new recreational room. Families with children will love to play a simple and classic game with their friends. 




If you plan to use your recreational room for movie watching, consider a comfortable couch to last you years of use. Watson’s has a wide variety of comfortable, durable couches that your guests will never want to leave. Home Recreational Room Ideas 2022


Having a place to lounge for your guests is important when they aren’t in the midst of a game of billiards. If you plan on adding a bar to your rec room, Watson’s has bar stools that you’ll love. 

Home Bar

Complete your rec room with a bar that will add great looks and functionality to your entertainment space. Prepare snacks and drinks for your guests while complementing your favorite space. 

Transform your Rec Room with games, tables, and furniture to add function to an empty space. A rec room can expand opportunities for hosting events for their neighbors and family members. Relax with a stylish and functional rec room with items from Watson’s. Shop our selection of Rec Room items today.Home Recreational Room Ideas 2022

Home Recreational Room Ideas 2022

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