Latest UKRI CDT Scholarship in 2023

Latest UKRI CDT Scholarship in 2023-Apply Now UKRI CDT today Scholarships

Latest UKRI CDT Scholarship in 2023 Swansea University is offering three fully financed PhD scholarships under this competitive scholarship programme.Latest UKRI CDT Scholarship in 2023

A wide range of STEMM fields are represented in the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Advanced Computing (AIMLAC) initiative, which aims to develop the next generation of AI innovators. Advanced multidisciplinary training is offered by the CDT in a welcoming, compassionate environment where each student is encouraged to reach their greatest potential. Candidates with a variety of backgrounds who may contribute favorably to the future of our society are urged to apply.Latest UKRI CDT Scholarship in 2023

The UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) fully-funded scholarships include all necessary training, research, and conference support in addition to the usual annual UKRI stipend of £17,668.Both UK residents and foreign applicants are eligible for the scholarships.Swansea University, which is the principal university, Aberystwyth University, Bangor University, University of Bristol, and Cardiff University are its associate institutions .The funding for the positions lasts for four years, including any six-month externships.

Engagement with external partners, such as major worldwide corporations, locally based start-ups and SMEs, as well as government and Research Council partners, plays a crucial role. Training in AI, high-performance computing (HPC), and high-performance data analytics (HPDA) is also crucial. Cohort activities will be used to give training at the partner institutions.Latest UKRI CDT Scholarship in 2023


UKRI offers funds to UK universities that are given in a competitive process to pay for postgraduate students’ tuition and living expenses. A studentship is the name given to each position that a university gives as a result of this funding.The UKRI studentship programme provides funding for PhD study. Additionally, they give you access to training, networking, and development opportunities to aid in the growth of a career in research and innovation.

You must submit an application for a studentship to the research organisation where you wish to enroll, which is typically a university. Many research organisations in the UK offer studentships that are funded by UKRI.UKRI does not directly finance doctoral students.You might obtain:support for your tuition (at least £4,596 annually)Awards often rise each year along with inflation. The levels listed here are for the 2022–23 school year.
a minimum ‘stipend’ of £17,668 per year, paid to you in monthly instalments, to cover your living expenses.
Typically, the stipend is not taxable and does not require repayment. This will be stated in the research organization’s studentship advertisement. Some research organisations may provide extra if you choose to attend school in London, or they or one of their collaborators may opt to increase the payment.

PhD study is financially supported by the UKRI studentship programme. They also provide you with opportunities for networking, training, and career development to help you advance your research and innovation career.You could get:a minimum “stipend” of £17,668 per year, sent to you in monthly instalments, to cover your living expenses, support for your tuition (at least £4,596 yearly).

Usually, the stipend is not taxed and doesn’t need to be paid back. This will be noted in the studentship advertisement from the research organisation. If you decide to attend school in London, certain research organisations might pay you more, or they or one of their partners might decide to do so.Awards frequently increase yearly in line with inflation. The levels listed here are for the academic year 2022–2023.

Examining the impact of the parent’s occupation on the health and academic achievement of the child (e.g., shift work/NHS working, army/distance workers) by linking Census 2011 and Census 2021 data with health data (GP, hospital, A&E) and administrative data (education, social care).using imputation techniques to fill in “missing data”—information that is not often collected—from survey data, such as income or self-reported mental health.

The candidate will collaborate with the Data Lab Cymru team to use machine learning techniques to incorporate longitudinal data from various sources in order to address questions posed by the Welsh Government and public health Wales.The UKRI CDT in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Advanced Computing (AIMLAC) webpage has more information.Reference the project code, please (e.g. RS194 – AIMLAC4)

Latest UKRI CDT Scholarship in 2023


For more details on eligibility, please refer to the project advertisements individually.Any applicant can apply for this scholarship, regardless of nationality.If you have a degree from a country other than the UK, check the Swansea University degree comparisons to determine if you qualify.Please send an email with the web address of the scholarship(s) you are interested in to [email protected] if you have any queries about your academic or fee eligibility in light of the aforementioned criteria.

Benefits Latest UKRI CDT Scholarship in 2023

Latest UKRI CDT Scholarship in 2023 The scholarships provide a stipend of £17,668 per year in addition to covering the full cost of education.There will be more money available for research-related costs.Latest UKRI CDT Scholarship in 2023


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Latest UKRI CDT Scholarship in 2023
Latest UKRI CDT Scholarship in 2023

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