Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022 -

Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022

Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022 Paddington Recreation Ground is the largest open space managed by Westminster City Council. It receives over 1.2 million visits annually and spans a total area of 28 acres. After undergoing a comprehensive renovation project, the location now features some of the finest amenities that can be found anywhere in the nation. These include 3G pitches, an athletics track, tennis courts, a bowling green, cricket nets, an indoor and outdoor gym, a hockey pitch, a village green, play areas, an environmental area, and several gardens. Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022

Paddington Recreation field is recognised as the oldest public sports ground of its sort in London, which is an important fact to keep in mind (Crowe 1987). Even though recreation is still the primary reason people come to the Grounds, the ground is recognised as a Site of Local Importance for nature conservation as a result of the large number of people who come to enjoy its green-space value. This is despite the fact that recreation is still the primary reason people come to the Grounds. Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022 Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022 Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022 Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022

The Westminster City Council and a number of other organisations (including, but not limited to, Sport England, The Football Foundation, The London Marathon Trust, The FA, and The LTA, amongst others) have reaffirmed their commitment to this much-loved community site by committing to continue making capital investments and conducting regular sports development work there. The website keeps getting updated with fresh content and expanding in new directions on a consistent basis.

Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022

  • Dog Exercise Area
  • Dog Free Area
  • Education Centre
  • Events
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Football Pitch
  • Historic Building
  • Multi Use Games Area
  • Nature Walks
  • Parking
  • Picnic Area
  • Pond
  • Public Transport Links
  • Sensory Garden
  • Tennis Court
  • Toilets
  • Walking Routes
  • Wildlife
  • Wildflower Area
  • Football Pitch

Today, another 32 winners are celebrating, as the Awards for various other European nations were revealed. On the 14th of September, Ireland announced a record breaking 105 winners, and today, another 32 winners are rejoicing.

The esteemed Award was bestowed upon parks and other green spaces in Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey; among the recipients were numerous parks and green spaces that received the honour for the first time. Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022

The Green Flag Award is the worldwide quality benchmark for the public green space sector, and it is now functioning in 17 nations all over the world. The programme has been running for more than 25 years, and in order to make evaluations, it employs eight major criterion categories. A network of competent judges is responsible for both the management framework that is implemented at each location as well as the yearly condition inspection that is carried out at each location. Over 2,400 locations have been granted yearly certification as of this point throughout the preceding twelve months. Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022 Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022

(Depicted on the cover is the group that won the Green Flag Award for their work at Camara Municipal do Porto’s Parque da Cidade in 2019) Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022


This year, one of the new winners in Europe is the Stadtpark Norderstedt in the country of Germany. The park is located in the Hamburg region and features a lido, water skiing, and high ropes courses in addition to its 750,000 square metres of water, forests, and meadow grassland. Additionally, the park offers a variety of recreational opportunities. In addition, the park places a strong emphasis on outdoor education and provides a comprehensive educational programme that may be utilised for kindergarten groups, school courses, and even corporate functions.

Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022

Jessica Grunwaldt, Management Assistant at Stadtpark Norderstedt GmbH said:

“We are quite appreciative to have been given the Green Flag Award, as this serves as validation of the high quality standards that we have established for our park. The findings of the independent review indicate that our group is moving in the correct direction and will be able to provide Norderstedt and its residents with a “green heart” for the city. Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022

“Both during the application process and the visit from the judges, we took a very close look at our own organisation as well as the job that it does. This has been of great use to us in the design of both our present and upcoming procedures.” Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022 Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022 Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022


And Ireland’s success was celebrated two weeks ago with the announcement of four new winners of the Green Flag Award, three new winners of the Community Award, and five new winners of the Green Heritage Site Accreditations, bringing the total number of awards bestowed upon the Emerald Isle to a record-breaking 104.

The Environmental Education Unit of An Taisce, who are in charge of running the programme in Ireland, was represented by Emlyn Cullen, who is the Programme Manager.

“The sustained success of the Green Flag Award in Ireland is a tremendous reflection of how much the country values parks and green spaces – and how effectively maintained a large number of them are. This is borne out by the fact that the award has been presented in Ireland for the past twenty years.” I’d want to offer my congratulations to everyone who works in this area’s industry for their consistent level of dedication. You have a significant and favourable effect on the community around you as well as the natural surroundings. Paddington Recreation Ground Click Now 2022

Anne-Marie Toomey, who works at Foulksmills Tidy Towns, made the following statement:

“We are incredibly happy to get a Green Flag Award for our lovely Foulksmills Park,” the organisers of the event said. It has been a staple in the centre of our community for over 35 years and serves as a gathering spot for residents of all ages. The Award is presented as a token of appreciation for the hard work and commitment that has been shown by the Committee during the course of its existence.

“We would want to extend a tremendous amount of gratitude to the community as well as the Wexford County Council, both of which have been on this trip with us and have continued to support us throughout the years.”


In addition to the victors in Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Sweden, Belgium recognised eight of its own, the majority of whom are from the Antwerp region.

According to Peter Verdyck, who is the Director of Provincial Green Domains for the province of Antwerp,

“One of the benefits of winning the Green Flag Award is that we get a lot of helpful suggestions from other professionals in the industry. In addition, as a judge myself, I find that going to see the work of other candidates provides me with a great deal of motivation.

And in Turkey, it was reported that Adalet Park and amlk Park had been selected as the winners for Denizli Municipality, increasing the total number of prizes given in Turkey to five.

Image 2 shows one of the three winning parks in the competition held by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey.


In July, the United Kingdom made the announcement that this year will set a new record with 2,208 winners, among which were 361 recipients of the Green Flag Community Award (Link to article). And only a few months ago, in August, Finland announced the winners, which included two brand new parks. (Here is the article’s link)

In the latter part of the year 2022, more winners will be announced in the following countries: Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, the United States of America, and the United Arab Emirates.

The International Development Manager for the Green Flag Award, Carl McClean, made the following statement:

“It’s great to see the European parks industry get the international acclaim it so well deserves with so many Green Flag Awards. It is unmistakable that the years prior had been fraught with a great deal of difficulty.

“I want to extend my congratulations to everyone who played a part in taking it up and lifting the bar. It is imperative that we all keep bringing attention to the critical function that parks and other green spaces play in the maintenance of our communities, as well as their benefits to our health and the environment.

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