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Today UKRI PHD Scholarship in 2023 – Apply Now UKRI PHD Scholarship

Today UKRI PHD Scholarship in 2023 The five-year research project TRUE, which was initially selected for funding by the European Research Council (Starting Grant no. 101040463), will now be supported by a UKRI Frontier Research guarantee grant as a result of the UK’s non-association with the Horizon Europe program. By combining legal analysis of trials, extensive online experiments, and mock jury trials, TRUE will develop the first systematic account of trust in user-generated evidence (such as photos and videos recorded by witnesses on their mobile phones), specifically in the context of its use in human rights accountability processes.

We are looking for a PhD candidate to collaborate with us on one of the main strands of this project, which will look into how laypeople evaluate the credibility and relevance of user-generated evidence and what aspects of the evidence and the person evaluating it (such as social, motivational, and personality factors) influence these evaluations. This portion of the project will be overseen by Dr. Alice Liefgreen, a post-doctoral researcher at TRUE, but there will be plenty of room for the selected applicant to select their own research priorities within the parameters of the bigger project and its research objectives.

We hope to address a number of pressing research issues in the TRUE project, including but not limited to: Today UKRI PHD Scholarship in 2023

We invite qualified candidates with a 2.1 GPA from an undergraduate degree in psychology or a closely related discipline (such as the social and behavioural sciences) to apply for this fully funded PhD position. The ability to plan, carry out, and analyse experimental data from quantitative research is a need for candidates.

Candidates are required to submit a 500-word research proposal that contains an example research topic (within the confines of the TRUE project), the methods they would use to address it, and a brief explanation of the analytic strategy they would use to analyse the data.Today UKRI PHD Scholarship in 2023


UKRI provides cash to UK universities through a competitive process to cover the living and tuition costs of postgraduate students. Each post that a university offers as a result of this funding is known as a studentship.

You must apply for a studentship at the research organisation, usually a university, where you desire to enrol. Numerous UK research institutions provide studentships that are funded by UKRI.

Doctoral students are not directly funded by UKRI.Today UKRI PHD Scholarship in 2023

PhD study is financially supported by the UKRI studentship programme. They also provide you with opportunities for networking, training, and career development to help you advance your research and innovation career.Today UKRI PHD Scholarship in 2023

You could get:

a minimum “stipend” of £17,668 per year, sent to you in monthly instalments, to cover your living expenses, support for your tuition (at least £4,596 yearly).
Usually, the stipend is not taxed and doesn’t need to be paid back. This will be noted in the studentship advertisement from the research organisation. If you decide to attend school in London, certain research organisations might pay you more, or they or one of their partners might decide to do so.

Awards frequently increase yearly in line with inflation. The levels indicated here are for the academic year 2022–2023.

You might be eligible for additional funding as a doctorate student supported by UKRI to help pay for the cost of other possibilities for related training and development.

As a doctoral student supported by UKRI, you might be eligible for additional funding to defray the cost of other options for related training and development.

This could include:

Participation in conferences, fieldwork, language study, overseas travel for research, and internships or employment with organisations other than academic ones.
Depending on the research organisation and the training money they are offering, support will be made available. You should get in touch with the research organisation you are interested in applying to to learn more about what you might obtain.

In addition to your studentship, you may be eligible for a Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) if you have a handicap.

To determine your needs, you should consult the disability advisor at your research organisation. If required, they can assist with putting the appropriate assistance in place, including a DSA application. Direct DSA claims from UKRI are not permitted.

DSA assists in paying for any additional support that a doctoral candidate may require due to a disability, mental health issue, or special learning challenge.

The compensation includes:

Non-medical personal help, specialised tools, additional travel charges, and other costs.


A 2.1 GPA on an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree are often requirements for candidates. As an alternative, applicants without a master’s degree who have first-class honours degrees from the UK (or an equivalent degree from a different country as judged by Swansea University) will be assessed separately.

You need to have an overall IELTS score of 6.5 (with no individual component scoring lower than 6.5) or a Swansea recognised equivalent, if applicable.Today UKRI PHD Scholarship in 2023

Today UKRI PHD Scholarship in 2023

Benefits Today UKRI PHD Scholarship in 2023

This scholarship covers all of the tuition expenses as well as a stipend of £17,668 per year.

Additional research expenses will also be paid for.Today UKRI PHD Scholarship in 2023


We invite you to visit our website for more details.

Today UKRI PHD Scholarship in 2023
Today UKRI PHD Scholarship in 2023

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